Training Huskies with a Clicker

raining Huskies with a Clicker
A Husky will more than likely need different methods of training. Clicker training is one method of training that usually works very well for most Huskies. Many people know that training Huskies with a clicker is a training method that needs to be done. After this style of training, you’ll be able to find out how well-mannered your Husky will be. In this article, you’ll find out how this training works and how it’ll benefit you and your Husky after it’s successfully completed. In order to have a well-mannered Husky, this training will definitely need to be conducted.
How Clicker Training Works for Your Husky
The main objective of clicker training is to teach your Husky how to work well with a clicker. Along with a command that you give, your Husky should follow the command with the sound of the clicker. This clicker sound is should be heard by the Husky about 20 yards or more away from him/her. The main thing you need to do throughout this training is to determine the behavior that you want from your Husky. You want your Husky to act in a desired way. If your Husky acts in such a way, you can then reward him/her with the clicker sound.
The beginning of this training doesn’t begin with the clicker sound. People will have to teach their Siberian Huskies that they’re rewarded with the clicker sound after providing good behavior traits. You’ll need to buy an inexpensive clicker at a local pet shop. For less than five bucks, you can obtain this device. Along with the clicker, you’ll need to obtain some treats, as well.
To begin, you’ll need to keep from giving your Husky verbal commands while performing this training. It’ll keep you and your Husky from bonding. You should always use the clicker to sound and a treat as a reward.
How This Method of Training Is Done
Clicker training consists of three steps. You’ll have to convince your Husky to do something you want. The commands could be speaking, sitting, rolling over, or any other commands you’re trying to teach your Husky. Once you’ve been able to teach your Husky the commands, you should reward him/her with the clicker sound and a treat.
When it comes to training Huskies with a clicker, they usually learn their behavior and repeat it thereafter when you use the clicker. This training works wonders for Huskies, because they know they’ll be rewarded for their hard work. This can actually help keep Husky problems at bay. Also, you can replace giving Huskies treats with petting and praise when they respond to your commands.
Transitioning Into Commands
Once your Husky has been able to learn his/her behavior quite well, transitioning this training into a command can be much easier. When you’re near to use the clicker, give your Husky a command and then click the clicker. After your husky follows the command, you should give your Husky a reward and let him/her know that the  action makes you happy.
There are plenty of owners who want to learn how to start training Huskies with a clicker. If you own a Husky, a clicker, and treats, you can start conducting this training. With patience and diligence, you’ll be able to successfully train your Husky with a clicker.

Aggressive Behavior in a Siberian Husky

Aggressive Behavior in a Siberian Husky
Even though aggression isn’t as common in this breed of dog, it can happen. Husky Aggression can definitely be a way that this breed is showing a stage of dominance. This dog could be trying to show his/her dominance upon you. There could’ve been something in the past that triggered this kind of aggression. Nonetheless, it really needs to be dealt with as soon as humanly possible, because things can start getting pretty dangerous when this kind of thing is allowed to happen.

Huskies’ Source of Aggression
As early as six weeks, Husky Aggression can take effect. This crucial stage needs to be dealt with by its owner, and the Siberian Husky should be in the middle of socialization with other dogs. Within this stage, the Husky needs to be given proper training for bite inhibition. This would help with the case of the puppy from biting in the near future. The total time used for the husky’s socialization period can last about 14 weeks or more.
A Husky puppy shouldn’t be removed from a litter before he/she turns eight-weeks-old. This may develop a form of Aggression. If an owner yells, hits, or harshly punishes the pup between the ages of 8 to 10 weeks, this could definitely cause some Husky problems with aggression. It’s ideal to have this breed of dog socialized before 14 weeks of age.
Certain Husky Aggression can be triggered by genetic and heredity codes. A Husky’s temper can definitely differ from another one. If your Husky is spayed or neutered, he/she should be less prone to aggression.
The Husky’s environment is definitely the main factor on how aggressive he/she can be. If a Husky lived through stages of poverty, it could become more aggressive. Other factors could be the lack of socialization, and owners being too harsh. The pup could’ve been attacked and/or frightened by another dog or animal, and he/she might become more aggressive as he/she gets older.
There are ways to tell if your husky is on the verge of becoming aggressive. These factors are posturing and biting. The husky should be dominated at a young age, so he/she won’t try these aggressive acts in the future.

Stop and Control a Husky’s Aggression
If Aggression continues when he/she reaches sexual maturity or after it turns 14-months-old, the situation needs to be attended as soon as possible. Don’t reward your husky for having aggressive behavior, and it’s best to inform him/her that you’re the leader of the pack.
You should inform your Husky that you’re in command, and it’s best to train him/her to respond to your commands. If your Husky is allowed liberties, this could only allow him/her to show more of an aggressive side with others.
Your Husky might strike a person if he/she is defensive-aggressive. This certain characteristic means that he/she still hasn’t been properly socialized, and it’s best to keep your Husky away from children. To help your Husky find the way to become sociable and less aggressive, you should seek help from a behaviorist. A training session can be good for your Husky to attend, as well.
No matter the age of your Husky, this kind of aggression can be controlled. Husky Aggression needs to be controlled before it turns into violence. If the Husky becomes violent, you should seek help from a professional trainer to prevent injury to any person or animal your Husky encounters.

Husky Obedience

Husky Obedience
What’s the best way to make a husky to become obedient? Well, this is a simple question to answer. It would be a very good idea for you to enroll your Husky into Siberian Husky obedience training. You never know what would be the best thing for your Husky puppy until you enroll him/her into this program. What does this kind of training provide? It provides a Husky puppy the tools required for him/her to learn how to behave in certain situations. There are two ways you can train your Husky. You can either hire a professional to teach your pup about Husky obedience, or you can conduct this training by yourself. If you don’t have the cash, it could be okay to teach your Husky these certain lessons. If you want to teach your lessons, they could help him/her with his/her Husky Problems.
Benefits of Husky Obedience Training
A Husky should learn how to be obedient to his/her master. In order for this to happen, you’ll have to start by teaching your Husky commands that he/she will deliver. You should be very lenient with your Husky in order to teach him/her more about obedience. If your Husky seems a little unruly, the problem may lie within you, not the Husky. This training is a two-way street. You’ve to be very lenient with your Husky when training him/her. Here are some factors that help you teach your Husky obedience.
You should start by teaching your Husky that you are the dominant one in the pack. You should expect him/her to listen to you at all times. If these behaviors are repetitive in your home, he/she will easily follow your lead. Showing him/her that you’re the Alpha leader in the pack will be a positive step in the right direction.
Easy, Basic Commands
The five behaviors that you must have your Husky follow are related to the commands of stay, sit, speak, heel, and quiet. You can teach your Husky more trips after these behaviors are mastered.
No Barking or Biting
Two of the biggest problems with Huskies are barking and biting. In order for your Husky to keep from getting out of line, you should definitely have a professional take care of this ordeal for you. For a Husky puppy, the biting should be dealt with accordingly.
It’s not safe to have your Husky pull across the street. This is why there are Husky obedience lessons that you should teach your Husky. If you enroll your Husky in one of these classes, you should be able to teach your Husky to walk beside you instead of pulling you. After the training, you should be able to control your Husky’s movements.
No matter what, it’s very important to conduct Husky obedience training. If you want to help your Husky to become more behaved and obedient, it would be best for you to enroll him/her into the right kind of obedience school. After ensuring that your Husky learns what he/she needs to learn, you should carry all lessons at home, as well.

Husky Training Tips And Tricks

Do you have a Husky? Do you want to teach him/her some cool tricks? Well, there are some amazing yet easy Husky Training Tips that can have your Husky interacting with you in many different ways. If you want to figure out how these ways of Training a Husky, you should continue reading. You will learn to train your Husky to crawl and sing. Sometimes, Husky Problems occur because you may not be training him/her enough. Once you are able to train your Husky to follow certain commands, this means that you are gaining a stronger bond and relationship with him/her.


First of all, you will need to teach your Husky how to lie down. After teaching him/her to lie down, you will be able to teach your Husky how to crawl. You should gather up a treat and tell your Husky to lie down on the ground. After doing so, you will need to hold a treat in front of him/her around the nose area, so your Husky can see it. While holding the treat at the nose level of your Husky, move it in a slow motion away from him/her but keep it leveled at his/her nose.
While you are moving the treat further away from your Husky, you should say “crawl” and see if he/she crawls towards the treat. If he/she crawls toward the treat, you should reward him/her automatically. If he/she tries to get up and stand in order to obtain the treat, it would be best to tap him/her on the rear end while saying “down.” This command will let your Husky know to stay low to the ground. Try the whole training regimen again until your Husky is able to crawl. After consistent success is gained through this training, you should take away the use of treats. Actually, it would be ideal to reward your Husky with a treat after every five successful attempts. This is one of the Husky Training Tips that will have your Husky crawling for more. Continue reading

A Couple of Methods to Train a Husky

To start off, there are different methods to Train a Husky, and all of them are very beneficial for his/her behavioral health. Even though a Siberian Husky is a wolfed-up dog breed, you can train him/her to be domesticated like any other breed of dog. You need to maintain a high level of diligence and patience with the Husky. Of course, if you don’t keep up with his/her training methods, you may have to deal with some Husky Problems. There are plenty of ways you should ultimately Train Siberian Husky. You’re about to find out exactly how you should conduct the different training methods.

House Training a Husky

A Siberian Husky, adult or puppy, may not always do his/her business (use the bathroom) outside of the home. This means that you’ll need to house Train Husky. If you really want to make a difference in your Husky, a stiff training regimen is needed. You need to be somewhat strict with your Husky, even if it means not giving him/her a treat when he/she’s being naughty. When it comes to a Husky puppy, you need to feed him/her on a scheduled basis. This allows the Husky to do his/her business at a certain timeframe. You should most definitely figure out when his/her business time will be.

You should set up a proper area for your Husky to do his/her business, and make sure that he/she’s able to go there. Every time your Husky does his/her business on that allocated area, you should give him/her a treat along with praise. Once he/she doesn’t use that area to take care of business, you should quickly move him/her to that certain area. You should most definitely avoid scolding your Husky, because he/she won’t know why you’re doing such a thing. Continue reading