How to Put a Stop to Husky Growling

How to Put a Stop to Husky Growling

A Husky will always be a Husky, but there are things that Huskies should not do. Growling is one of the many Husky Problems that can really be a huge nuisance. There are a number of reasons why a Siberian Husky growls, and you will find out exactly why they do such a thing. This sort of behavior may be started for many reasons.
Some Reasons That Make a Husky Growl
Well, most of the time, when a Husky growls, he/she may be in fear of something. Another reason a Husky may growl is to show assertiveness and take control over a certain situation. If there’s a threat, Husky Growling may occur. Also, a Husky may growl because he/she sees someone who is much bigger than him/her, which seems like a threat to him/her. A Husky that is in pain or in a state of sickness may have the tendency to growl as well. Even though there are quite a few reasons why growling starts, there are solutions to each one of them.

Husky Puppy Growling Issue
Is your Husky still a puppy? If so, you should definitely make sure that he/she is socialized with other animals and people. Once you are able to make this happen, it will be much easier for you to maintain the behavior. Taking your Husky puppy to public places is recommended. Parks and beaches are great places where your Husky can learn to interact better with other people and animals. You should make sure to give your Husky as much public exposure as possible. When your Husky socializes well in a variety of situations, you will allow him/her to feel less anxious. Once you’re able to make him/her less anxious, you should not have to deal with much Husky Growling.
Older Husky Growling Issue
If your Husky is past the stage of a puppy, you can still solve his/her growling issue. You should allow him to be more social with many people, places, and other animals. You should take your Husky out on a leash, so you will not lose control of him/her while he/she growls for a certain reason. Nonetheless, it is best to make sure that your Husky obeys certain rules, and it would be great for you to reward him/her by giving him/her praise and treats after completing what you need to have done. You should have your Husky be quiet for a certain period of time. Once your Husky is able to do such a thing, you should give him/her a treat and praise as a reward.  This positive reinforcement may be the ideal way to keep your Husky Growling problem to a minimum.
What You Should Not Do
You should not scold or punish your Husky in any way if he/she does not stop growling. Once you punish your Husky, he/she may see it as negative reinforcement and may not sway your way. It is best to use positive reinforcement in order to keep your Husky from growling, because it’s the key to encouraging him/her to stop this behavior.

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