Husky Training Tips And Tricks

Do you have a Husky? Do you want to teach him/her some cool tricks? Well, there are some amazing yet easy Husky Training Tips that can have your Husky interacting with you in many different ways. If you want to figure out how these ways of Training a Husky, you should continue reading. You will learn to train your Husky to crawl and sing. Sometimes, Husky Problems occur because you may not be training him/her enough. Once you are able to train your Husky to follow certain commands, this means that you are gaining a stronger bond and relationship with him/her.


First of all, you will need to teach your Husky how to lie down. After teaching him/her to lie down, you will be able to teach your Husky how to crawl. You should gather up a treat and tell your Husky to lie down on the ground. After doing so, you will need to hold a treat in front of him/her around the nose area, so your Husky can see it. While holding the treat at the nose level of your Husky, move it in a slow motion away from him/her but keep it leveled at his/her nose.
While you are moving the treat further away from your Husky, you should say “crawl” and see if he/she crawls towards the treat. If he/she crawls toward the treat, you should reward him/her automatically. If he/she tries to get up and stand in order to obtain the treat, it would be best to tap him/her on the rear end while saying “down.” This command will let your Husky know to stay low to the ground. Try the whole training regimen again until your Husky is able to crawl. After consistent success is gained through this training, you should take away the use of treats. Actually, it would be ideal to reward your Husky with a treat after every five successful attempts. This is one of the Husky Training Tips that will have your Husky crawling for more.


There are many Husky Training Tips that incorporate command training, but training your Husky to sing has to be one of the easiest to conduct. A Husky naturally howls, but this can transform into something a bit more entertaining. When it comes time for your Husky to howl, you should give the command “sing.” After the Husky howls when you say the command, you should reward him/her with a treat and praise. You should conduct the same routine over and over again. Eventually, your Husky will learn to howl whenever you give the command of “sing.” Slowly but surely, you will be able to eliminate the use of treats to get your Husky to sing. Out of some other Husky Training Tips, this has to be one of the most entertaining. You can train your Husky to do many things, like high five, shake, and even wave hello. You can figure out how to conduct such training tasks. After completing such Husky Training Tips, you will love the fact that your Husky will learn many more commands.

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