Put a Stop to Husky Separation Anxiety

Husky Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety can cause a Husky to act very irrationally and keep him/her from enjoying life to the fullest. When you find out that Husky Separation Anxiety exists, you should follow these tips in order to calm down this issue. This issue can be prevented or even cured, so you should do whatever it takes to sort this issue out. This has to be one of the more serious Husky Problems. Basically, your Husky could be breaking out in howls and cries when going through this form of anxiety. He/she wants you home and near him/her. This may be the number one reason why the Husky keeps acting irrationally. Like I mentioned before, there are tips that can help you calm this issue down. Check them out and incorporate them. First of all, you need to learn more about Husky Separation Anxiety.
Symptoms of Husky Separation Anxiety
Your Husky is in a bad behavioral state when you leave home. Your Husky may have the tendency to whine, howl, or become too attached to you in a physical manner. Your Husky may feel that you will leave the home, so he/she will want to be by your side and not leave at any moment. A Husky may tremble when you leave any area where he/she is located. You find out your Husky starts using the bathroom inside of the home, even though he/she is house trained. All of these indicators are likely symptoms of Husky Separation Anxiety, and they need to be dealt with in a swift manner.
What You Need to Do to Cure This Problem
There are several things you can do with your Husky to cure this problem. The many forms of training may be needed to fix such a huge problem. The main thing you need to practice is separation training. This is how this training is conducted:
In order to give your Husky a fair chance in this training, you should allow him/her to see you enter the home, leave, and then return again on a continuing basis. At first, you should leave the home and then coming back inside after two or three minutes. This will let your Husky see that you return home to see him/her. Before you leave, you need to make sure to designate an area in the home where you will place your Husky and then leave the home.
Your Husky must be highly accustomed to the area where you leave him/her at. After placing him/her at the space, you will then head out of the house and enter back for a longer period of time. If your Husky is waiting on the space where you left her, you should reward her with praise and a treat. You should make sure to allow higher increments of time before returning to the house. If needed, there’s medicine that helps fight Husky Separation Anxiety. You can have this medicine prescribed to your Husky by a veterinarian.

Husky Howling

Siberian Husky Howling
If you’re worried that your Husky is howling way too much, you should either take care of the matter by yourself or seek professional help from a professional Husky trainer. If you’re willing to take the time and effort in taking care of this issue, there are some things you need to follow in order to stop Husky Howling. There could be a number of Husky problems that can result to Siberian Husky Howling, but you’ll need to figure out which ones are causing this issue to take place. You should remain diligent and patient with your Husky in order to take care of the matter at hand.
Reasons Why Huskies Howl
There are several reasons why Husky Howling begins. First of all, this is the way that Huskies communicate with each other in the wild. With your Husky being domesticated, you’ve no need to see packs of Huskies running wild near your home and will keep from seeing the pack communicating with your Husky. Still, the howling actions haven’t left your Husky.
Another reason why a Husky starts howling is because of alarms or sirens that go off in the middle of the night. The main way you can tell that the Howling is abnormal is if he/she keeps it up after the siren stops sounding off. This is when you should recognize the issue and do something about it.
When boredom sets in for your Husky, it can cause him/her to start howling. Siberian Husky Howling is definitely something that needs to be prevented by conducting certain methods. It’s necessary to make sure that your Husky doesn’t howl so much due to the fact that it’ll disturb you, your family, and the rest of the community.
How to Reduce Siberian Husky Howling
In order to help reduce Howling, you’ll need to extend or increase your Husky’s exercise and play times. This breed of dog is quite active, and it’s best to make sure that he/she’s able to conduct many activities in a day’s time. Basically, it can be ideal to have your Husky go outside and play for at least an hour. This will help prevent huge spans of howling from happening. If you follow this instruction, you’ll be able to tire out your Husky and prevent further serious Husky problems due to howling.
Also, when a Husky starts howling, this means that he/she’s missing attention and/or interaction with the owner. Basically, in order to prevent serious Husky Howling issues, it’ll behoove you to spend more time with your Husky. If you really want to stop the howling and provide him/her more attention, you should show that he/she’s loved. You shouldn’t wait to give him/her some love when he/she starts howling. You should provide the interaction before the howling starts. If you provide the love but find that the howling doesn’t cease, you should seek professional help. There are plenty of professional Siberian Husky trainers who know how to deal with Howling. In order to keep this Husky problem from getting worse, you’ll need to work hand-to-hand with the professional in order to do away with Siberian Husky Howling before the issue gets worse.

Dealing With Husky Anxiety

Husky Anxiety

In accordance to other types of Husky training, there’s one major problem that the common Husky has to face. This problem is called Husky Anxiety, and a pet owner has to fully train his/her Husky to keep from having to face this ordeal. This is one of the most common Husky problems that will make your Husky act irrationally. Your Husky might destroy areas of your home, conduct unnecessary barking, and make huge messes after you leave the house.
Sources of Husky Separation Anxiety
Huskies are usually pack animals, which means that they don’t want to run astray from the pack. A Husky sees you as the pack leader or the Master, and he/she doesn’t want you to leave the house. Once you leave the house, the Husky will tend to act irrationally due to your absence.
This issue develops because you provide them plenty of attention before you leave the house. Another reason why this Anxiety develops is because a routine is followed every single morning. A Husky is unable to control his/her feelings of anxiety after you leave.
How to Reduce Husky Separation Anxiety
In order to reduce Husky Anxiety, first, you should change the routine with your Husky. Your morning routine should be changed. Once you find out that your Husky has started to act a tad bit irrational when your alarm clock starts sounding off, this means your Husky knows that it’ll be just about time for you to leave the house. The way to battle this issue is to get out of bed at different times. Other ways to battle it is to prepare your keys before you leave and get dressed at an earlier time. You should wait a little while before leaving the house. These various things will help alleviate Husky Separation Anxiety.
Another thing you should do is to keep from reinforcing your Husky’s behavior. Basically, you shouldn’t pet your Husky right before your leave. When you pet your Husky, it’ll only reinforce the habit you’re trying to break. You should remove the attentive association with your Husky when you leave or come home. When you arrive home, it’ll be a good idea to ignore your Husky for roughly 15 minutes. Stop giving in to their whimpering and other sad noises. Actually, crate training will help this matter.
If needed, you might have to start small. Leave your home for about a minute or less and then enter back into the home. After conducting the session, you should follow through with some more. After every session, you should leave the house for a longer period of time. This will help decrease Anxiety.
Of course, you should be stern with your Husky in order to take care of this issue. There are many Husky problems that can be solved with the correct training. You shouldn’t always be sympathetic to your Husky, because this will only make Husky Separation Anxiety matters worse than before. Keep conducting the exercises, and you’ll be able to figure out how to put an end to Husky Anxiety. Eventually, you’ll be able to help your Husky act rationally because his/her anxiety will decrease.

How to Put a Stop to Husky Growling

How to Put a Stop to Husky Growling

A Husky will always be a Husky, but there are things that Huskies should not do. Growling is one of the many Husky Problems that can really be a huge nuisance. There are a number of reasons why a Siberian Husky growls, and you will find out exactly why they do such a thing. This sort of behavior may be started for many reasons.
Some Reasons That Make a Husky Growl
Well, most of the time, when a Husky growls, he/she may be in fear of something. Another reason a Husky may growl is to show assertiveness and take control over a certain situation. If there’s a threat, Husky Growling may occur. Also, a Husky may growl because he/she sees someone who is much bigger than him/her, which seems like a threat to him/her. A Husky that is in pain or in a state of sickness may have the tendency to growl as well. Even though there are quite a few reasons why growling starts, there are solutions to each one of them.

Husky Puppy Growling Issue
Is your Husky still a puppy? If so, you should definitely make sure that he/she is socialized with other animals and people. Once you are able to make this happen, it will be much easier for you to maintain the behavior. Taking your Husky puppy to public places is recommended. Parks and beaches are great places where your Husky can learn to interact better with other people and animals. You should make sure to give your Husky as much public exposure as possible. When your Husky socializes well in a variety of situations, you will allow him/her to feel less anxious. Once you’re able to make him/her less anxious, you should not have to deal with much Husky Growling.
Older Husky Growling Issue
If your Husky is past the stage of a puppy, you can still solve his/her growling issue. You should allow him to be more social with many people, places, and other animals. You should take your Husky out on a leash, so you will not lose control of him/her while he/she growls for a certain reason. Nonetheless, it is best to make sure that your Husky obeys certain rules, and it would be great for you to reward him/her by giving him/her praise and treats after completing what you need to have done. You should have your Husky be quiet for a certain period of time. Once your Husky is able to do such a thing, you should give him/her a treat and praise as a reward.  This positive reinforcement may be the ideal way to keep your Husky Growling problem to a minimum.
What You Should Not Do
You should not scold or punish your Husky in any way if he/she does not stop growling. Once you punish your Husky, he/she may see it as negative reinforcement and may not sway your way. It is best to use positive reinforcement in order to keep your Husky from growling, because it’s the key to encouraging him/her to stop this behavior.

Jumping Husky

Jumping Husky

Do you have a problem with your Husky Jumping on you or your guests? This may be one of the Husky Problems that isn’t as troubling as others. Still, this is the kind of behavior that needs to stop. Why does a Husky jump up on you or your guests? Well, Huskies will greet each other in certain ways. They may sniff each others’ noses or lick each others’ muzzles. In order to incorporate their way of greeting, they may jump on you in order to get to your face. This is the main reason why Siberian Husky Jumping problems occur. You are about to learn how to stop this Husky behavior.

How to Keep This Behavior from Happening

In order to keep your Huskies Jumping issue minimized, you will need to avoid giving him/her attention or affection if he/she jumps on you. You will need to simply turn away from your Husky or completely ignore him/her. Once the Husky’s front paws land back on the ground, you will then initiate the attention and affection. Keep from getting angry, upset, or violent with your Husky when he/she jumps on you. Your Husky will eventually learn that jumping on you and your guests will not be tolerated and should not happen. More than likely, once your Husky learns how to initiate a greeting like this, his/her past Husky Jumping problems should be eliminated.

The 3 Things You Should Avoid Doing to Your Husky

While in the process of trying to eliminate your Husky’s jumping habits, you should follow three tips. These tips will help you avoid doing something your Husky will not like at all. You should be friendly, diligent, and patient with your lovely Husky companion. Here are the three tips that really need to be incorporated while training you Husky to stop jumping on you and your guests:


  • You should keep from greeting your Husky in a way that is too eager. If you do this, the action will only make him much more excited, and your Husky will really want to jump on you. Instead of greeting your Husky in an eager manner, you should calmly greet him/her.
  • Whenever your Husky jumps on you, you should avoid pushing back at him/her. This will make your Husky think you are playing with him/her.
  • You should never get frustrated, angry, or upset at your Husky. You should never give him an aggressive tone, shout, or yell at him/her. You should never use physical force on the Husky. These actions will only make your Husky want to play even more than before. If your Husky performs behaviors that you do not like, it is best to ignore him/her.


Even though it may be somewhat frustrating to train your Husky on how he/she should act when greeting someone, you should instill the patience in order to help him/her with the issue. Husky Jumping can really be a big pain in the rear end, but it can be cured. You need to maintain the patience and diligence, and over a period of time, you will be able to train your Husky to stop jumping.